stop shouting at people

We often want to just jump on Facebook or Instagram and start sharing our message with our audience.

And we do it with such fierce passion, too. Pouring our heart out as we sit and write that post with our pink coffee mug with the words “You Are A Game-changer” on it and in our other hand we grip our favorite gold-tipped pen.

But rarely pause for a moment to think about where our client is at right this very moment. Not where she is currently finding herself.

But rather…What is happening in her head. Before writing that post…what if we asked:

“If I am about to interrupt her very busy day…how could I make this post worth her time?”

“Will she see how thinking differently in the way that I am proposing in my post, will help her achieve her goals?”

“Will she feel deeply understood?”

I used to push out content like I was working for Gary V.

Without a thought about what I was really saying. I didn’t start my posts thinking about my audience as real people with real struggles and lives. I was too focused on the solution I wanted to shout at them. “YOU NEED THIS NOW” was blasted at them daily.

When I realized I was making it all about me and what I wanted to say to “look like I knew what I was doing” or “see, I have a plan”.

I found myself unable to connect with that one coach I wanted my message to matter to. Just implementing that simple practice made my content more real to that coach that felt unfulfilled and bored in her niche and wanted to pivot.

Or that coach who knows she is world-class but just doesn’t feel her brand shows that truth about her to the right clients.

I get it, I know for a fact you care about all your clients and your audience.

But…Truth is.

When we put on our marketing hat…

We sometimes forget we are about to interrupt someone with our posts and it has to matter. It can’t be just more content to just be content. It has to be a silent guide helping our clients take one step closer to their goals. Will you take on this challenge to start your posts with those questions? Let me know how differently your content turns out.


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