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Helping Experienced Coaches Profit From Their Passion with a High-Level Magnetic Brand

Create Your Authority Brand That Attracts Super Engaged Clients Who Wants To Spend Money On What You’re SellingWithout Ever Needing To Hop On A Single Sales Call!

To The Future

Millionaire Coach

It’s not enough to have a pretty brand or cute website to reach high level clients that are CRAVING to connect with expert coaches.

If you want to multiply your chances of getting booked solid so you only deal with the best, non-flaky, eager to pay clients, and never have to waste even a second on the bum clients who want you to work for peanuts…

…then your brand needs to speak a stronger kind of message.

High level clients are looking for brands that demonstrate these 4 key areas:

1.  Experience
2. Expertise
3. Authoritativeness
5. Trustworthiness

If your brand is not designed to include these 4 key areas, you’ll struggle to build a lucrative successful coaching brand.

Brand For Profit was created to make your passion for coaching and helping people, highly profitable, sooner.

Sounds great, but how?



Messaging Consulting

Strategy Sessions Designed To Give You 100% Clarity On What Your Messaging Actually Is!

authority branding

Strategic Branding Designed To Help You Ditch The NEW Coach Smell For Good And Step Into The Big Girl Arena With Confidence!

website asset

The Exact Website Framework I Use That Helped My Clients Double Their Income Within Less Than 90 Days!

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Real feedback from clients

A Brand Designer

Turned Strategist

I’m on a mission to design branding that actually creates measurable results!

I used to be one of those designers who just created what I now call “expensive art”.

A gorgeous brand and website that didn’t actually do anything but look pretty. I realized that my clients needed more.

They needed a real strategy to turn their traffic into clients. More conversions with the right brand strategy, are built into their brand

That is why I now ONLY offer services were YOU and I get to work together to create marketing assets that grow your business and bring you more joy!

Recent Clients

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My Branding


getting to know your business

Discovery Session

We start with a 2-hour zoom meeting to gain clarity on your business’s background, goals, and audience.

defining your value


We get together for 2 x 2 hour Zoom Sessions to get really clear on your brand messaging so you sell your value vs selling your services allowing you to charge more for your services.

creating all the awesomeness


This is where I conceptualize your beautiful, one of a kind, and authority building branding. Taking care in every detail to match your vision for your brand and convey the unique brand archetype for your brand. 

putting it all together


Your gorgeous branding comes together as a high-converting business asset in the form of a full website you can continue to profit from years into the future. With unique direct response strategy built into your brand for max ROI.

having fun making more moolah!


We create a bunch of amazing launch images for you and design your full launch event. AND dance all the way to the bank!

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Soooooo, what’s your prices?

Custom Branding



$1500 Paid On The Day
$1500 Paid After 30 Days

All payments are non-refundable

Timeline: 90 Days

Authority Brand

Turn your basic website into a powerful marketing asset that builds trust with premium clients, generates you more sales and develops raving fans…all while you spend time focused on coaching your best clients.

Must be ready to work closely with me for 6 – 8 Weeks. Must provide all website content (including photography, freebie, logins, etc).

2 x Messaging Sessions Included.
I’ll also sharpen your existing copy using direct response marketing techniques (however this is not a fully fledged copywriting offer).

*Detailed deliverables provided upon request. Extended Payment Plan On Request


$475 Paid On The Day
$475 Paid After 30 Days

All payments are non-refundable

Timeline: 30 Days


Beautiful, professional branding that builds authority and trust with premium clients.

Must be ready to work with me for 4 weeks to create your brand. You get 3 revisions max so make sure you already have your idea of what you want in mind. I work best with clients who already have some idea of the style and colors they want. 

A fully designed-for-you Canva library of templates to help you promote your coaching business is included with your investment.

*Detailed deliverables provided upon request. 

Need direction on where to start?